Ex-JAG Hoping to Make History in Senate Race

The news cycle for the senate race has focused on the fundraising and endorsements of the three Democrats in the race:  Susan Bysiewicz, Chris Murphy, and William Tong.   Reporters are all speculating as to who will jump in the race for the Republicans, but for now there is just one GOP candidate, and he appears on “Face the State” this Sunday.

Brian Hill, is a Hartford personal injury attorney, who grew up in Windsor and still lives there.    Hill has been gone from Connecticut for the better part of this century,   serving in the Navy, and the Army where he attained the ranks of Lieutenant and Major, and worked as a military prosecutor, a JAG. 

During the taping, Hill laid out the reasons he is running, and what he’ll do if he is elected.    He would be the first black senator elected from Connecticut, and only the second from our state sent to Washington.   Republican Gary Franks was the first when he was elected to Congress.    If elected, Hill sees himself as a senator along the lines of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

Hill is a fiscal conservative, and wants to cut back on government dependence.  He believes public assistance should help people get back on their feet, not be a way of life.   Hill wasted no time in blaming the Obama administration for the current economic problems the country is mired in.

Interestingly, Hill ran for the senate in 2010 as a write-in candidate.   Hill told me he is a lifelong Republican, but felt the party deserted him when they became more like Democrats.   He’s back in the GOP fold, but likely won’t be alone in the senate race for very long.     Among his fellow Republicans considering a run:  former Comptroller General David Walker, former Congressman Rob Simmons, former Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele,  Vernon Mayor Jason McCoy, and 2010 nominee Linda McMahon.

You can watch the entire interview this Sunday morning at 11, only on Channel 3.

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