Connecticut Becomes Scarborough Country

Here’s one last blog entry about Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough and his visit to Face the State with his co-host and Channel 3 alumna Mika Brzezinski.   I’ve received several e-mails about Scarborough’s move to our state.   Yes, he is now a Connecticut resident.

Here are some of his Connecticut quotes from Face the State:

On Sunday liquor sales:   “That is one of the great surprises that you don’t sell beer on Sundays in Connecticut.  I think they even do that in Alabama.”

On Mika living here:  she grew up in the young  Marxist league of greater Connecticut

On getting his Connecticut driver’s license:  I got my license today, at the great DMV.  It is ruthlessly run, very efficient

On moving here:  We looked around and fell in love and it is a great place to raise a family

Watch Joe and Mika’s appearance on Face the State : http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/morning-joe-on-face-the-state/

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  1. You’re such a starfucker; real journalists don’t fawn, as you have a habit of doing (posting pics with your “celebrity” guests is pretty Bush League – I bet TMZ staff aren’t even allowed to do that….)


    • Thank you! You’re very sweet. The state lawmakers and other guests photographed for Face the State also thank you for thinking of them as celebrities.


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