Larson’s Big Hartford Idea

Congressman John Larson is stepping up plans to fulfill a dream he has for our capital city:  burying the stretch of highway you see here and making a subterranean freeway, and transforming this part of Hartford into a vibrant waterfront neighborhood.    During a taping of Face the State, Larson told me he is pushing for a public private partnership to develop the land along the Connecticut River between I-84 and just south of the Colt Armory.    Burying that stretch of the highway and creating a tunnel would open up a mile long swath of real estate. 

Larson’s vision calls for rebuilding the dykes that prevent the mighty Connecticut from overflowing its banks, and then building housing along the shore on both the Hartford side and the East Hartford side.    If you’ve been to Boston recently, you can see the massive improvement made after the Southeast Expressway was buried.  The land that used to be unsightly highway, is now open space.    

It’s a fascinating idea, one that Larson explains this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on Channel 3.   If you’re away for the holiday weekend, set your DVRs.    The congressman also brings us up to date on the status of declaring Coltsville a national park.

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  1. If Larson wants to do this he needs to fire 1,000 state workers for every $10 million he wants to spend.


  2. The colt factory is an ugly eyesore, yes that ugly blue onion means nothing to me either. It should be torn down and any future stadiums built in this, more appropriate district. Nor should anyone be led into thinking this place should be honored as a national park. It’s. A former GUN FACTORY FOR GOD SAKES. You know, the things that killed the Indians, wreak havoc in cities world wide, honor crime murder and ugly onion domes is blasphemous idolatry and plain stupid pride to the wrong images and for the wrong reasons. Burn it down, there’s acres of brownfield to open up for development alongside your riverfront housing and tunnel project, right now!


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