Call me Dannel

From now on our state’s new Governor would like to be called Governor Dannel Malloy, not Governor Dan Malloy. 

The Governor told reporters today his mother chose that name because she liked it, and he has grown to like it.     The governor’s new stationary and business cards bear the name Dannel Malloy, and the name will also be emblazoned on his official office chair.

Read more from Helena Ubinas of the Hartford Courant: http://blogs.courant.com/helen_ubinas/2011/01/book-em-danno.html

photo:  courtesy Brian Ambrose

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  1. That’s because this man is a total pompous buffoon. Who cares whether they call him Dannel or Dan or Danny boy or whatever.

    While I am a staunch Republican, I at least admire Andrew Cuomo, who while his state is in an even worse financial crisis than ours is in, could not see wasting taxpayer money on a big pomp and circumstance inauguration. Meanwhile, DANNEL had to throw himself a parade on our dime and make a big party and so on to feed his ego.

    Financial responsibility my rear-end!

    BTW, Cuomo is talking about NOT raising taxes to close his deficit and doing all he can to encourage business to come to NY. He should have no problem at all whisking away all the companies that Dannel is going to chase away with his tax and spend mentality and his indebtedness to the unions.

    To paraphrase that great musical, “The Musical Man…”

    Well we’ve got TROUBLE my friends, right here in Hartford’s City…With a capital T that rhymes with D that stands for Dannel


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