The Malloy Inaugural Ball

First Lady Cathy Malloy and  new Governor Dannel Malloy   courtesy:  Brian Ambrose

Kara and I had the great honor of being masters of ceremonies for Governor Dannel Malloy’s inaugural ball.   Just shy of 3,000 filled the ballroom of the Connecticut Convention Center at Adriaen’s Landing in downtown Hartford.   For Democrats, this was a day they had waited for since 1987; the last time one of their own was feted at an inaugural ball. 

Pam Churchill and John Motley

Jonathan and Robyn Gengras

Senator Joe Lieberman and wife Hadassah, and Senator Richard Blumenthal escorted by Captain Barry Levy

Congressman Jim Himes, Cathy Murphy, Congressman Chris Murphy, Audrey Courtney, Congressman Joe Courtney escorted by Captain Robert DeJardins

Comptroller Kevin Lembo and his spouse Charles Frey escorted by Captain John Flanagan

Treasurer Denise Nappier escorted by Captain Barry Levy

Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman

Mayor Pedro Segarra   courtesy: John Woike, Hartford Courant

Shawn and Biree Wooden

courtesy:  Chloe Poisson, Hartford Courant

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  1. I heard Kara talking about her dress on BetterCT, but don’t know if she ever showed pic’s of it, so this is my first look. It’s beautiful! I am curious though–does she ever wear her hair up? Just wondering how she would look! Not very political of me–sorry! 🙂


  2. I still can’t get over the fact that this blog is called the Hartfordite!! How did they shrink your head to fit into that skyline shot?


  3. You both looked stunning last night, I have to admit austerity might have been a better valor for the new administration, BUT everyone deserves a well-earned party after that election.



  4. So glad the Foot Guard hosted the ceremonies after Rell had broken that tradition. Thank you for sharing your inside view of the event.


  5. Always enjoy seeing pictures of events taking place in Hartford! Born and raised in the capital city, it’s like going home again!!! You and Kara are the best emcees!!!!!


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