“He said she said” over Inaugural Invitation


Governor Rell called WFSB this morning to comment on our Eyewitness News report that she will not attend the swearing in of her successor, Governor-elect Malloy.   The governor told one of our staffers the reason she is not attending is because she wasn’t invited, but a spokesperson for Malloy told us she was invited. 

In an e-mail to our assignment manager Dave Ward, Rell Chief of Staff Lisa Moody insists there was no invitation; a Malloy spokesperson insists there was an invitation and the RSVP was a “no.”

It has been tradition for an outgoing governor to attend the inaugural ceremony to symbolize the transfer of power after an election.   Most recently, Lowell Weicker attended the swearing in of John Rowland in 1995.    For obvious reasons due to the resignation, Rowland did not attend Rell’s swearing in 2004. 
The news that Rell would not be at the inauguration was first broken by Kevin Rennie on his must read Daily Ructions.
Stay tuned to Channel 3 and wfsb.com for more information on this and complete inaugural coverage.

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