Lieberman Confident of Re-election in 2012

Senator Joe Lieberman says he hasn’t made a decision about seeking re-election in 2012, but he sounds like he might be leaning toward running.    During the taping of an interview for this week’s “Face the State with Dennis House,”  I asked the 4 term independent if he thinks he could win re-election.   The answer:  “yes,”   while  admitting it will be a difficult race.     He said he wouldn’t get into a race he didn’t think he could win, but he thinks he can win this one…..should he decide to run. 

Lieberman told me if he does run, it will likely be as an independent, although he said some of his Democratic colleagues in the senate have been encouraging him to run as a Democrat.    He also told me he is open to endorsing President Obama for re-election.    

I also asked him about what his wife Hadassah thinks about running for a 5th term, and how he is different from the state’s new junior Senator Dick Blumenthal.

We also have analysis of the Lieberman interview from Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie, one of the most creative writers out there.    Kevin talks about Lieberman’s difficult to path to victory and his list of potential opponents that includes a surprise name. 

Tune in this Sunday morning at 11AM for Face the State

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  1. lieberman is a hard rightwing neocon who supports endless illegal wars, torture chambers, corporate-communist conspirators against workers and environment and of course supports israel with its concentration camp called gaza and its 200 illegal nuclear bombs… in other words, he is just like 98% of the rest of the pseudo-people in congress…

    my wife’s jewish family in connecticut despises him.


  2. I dunno. I used to share the sentiment in all these feelings about turncoat Joe…but then he surprised me by performing superbly during the DADT Repeal fight in the Senate. What a great job, and what a reasoned voice for DADT Repeal throughout.


  3. Lieberman is the one thing that brings republicans and democrats together… hope he runs so we can beat him…he can’t win in a 3 way with a strong R and D candidate. He is the most entrenched and misguided Senator we’ve ever had… he must go!


  4. Yes, he voted with Democrats on DADT, but one decent action in years does not make up for the fact that he has been talking and voting with the Republicans on nearly everything else. Let’s not forget that he is a hawk, and that removing DADT simply allows more people to fight in the senseless wars that he continues to support. It’s less about equal rights and more about replenishing the troops.


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