Malloy Feels Construction Could Pull State out of Mess

“This state is a mess.”  That’s what Governor-elect Dan Malloy said during a taping of  “Face the State.”       Malloy said he will “tell the truth” about the budget, explaining that Governor Rell and state lawmakers were not up front with citizens about the crisis we now find ourselves in. 

Along with guest reporters Angela Dias of WTIC AM 1080 and Brian Lockhart of the Stamford Advocate we asked Malloy about how he plans to tackle the massive problems facing the state. 

We wanted to know about taxes, jobs, and whether Malloy wants any of his former opponents working for him in the new administration and whether any Rell appointees will keep their jobs.   We also asked what he thought about former Governor Rowland’s recent statement that a sure way out of the economic crisis is to jump start the economy by bonding and building.    Rowland’s tenure saw massive construction in New Haven, Storrs, Hartford and elsewhere.    Malloy said he hadn’t heard Rowland say that , but he does plan on spending on building and infrastructure, saying it has worked after the past 8 recessions and could work now. 

With Malloy taking a hiatus from wearing green ties, I decided I could wear one on Face.   I intentionally did not wear green on days Malloy was on the program so as not to give those conspiracy theory-minded viewers fodder for their e-mails that I was somehow showing solidarity with the Stamford Democrat.  

Don’t laugh.    You’d be surprised at what I get in my inbox.  If I wear red, someone thinks I am a Republican; blue, a Democrat.  If I sit next to Duby, someone writes I must be a Democrat.  Ask about Nancy Pelosi and I must be a Republican. 

I have to hand it to Governor-elect Malloy.  He has never turned down an invitation to come on our program.  For this past campaign he was on about a half dozen times dating back to 2008.   Late that year,  Malloy told me he would run for governor if Dick Blumenthal decided not to.   The rest is history.  To his credit, Republican Tom Foley also never declined an invite to come on Face.  The voters and viewers were well served by these two men who spent plenty of time on television talking about the issues.    I can’t think of another local race, either this year or in years past, in which the candidates were so accessible to the media. 

Here is Brian Lockhart’s take on the taping: http://blog.ctnews.com/politicalcapitol/2010/11/11/governor-elect-dan-malloy-faces-the-state/

Tune in this Sunday at 11AM

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  1. What exactly is Malloy going to build? Aetna is tearing down a perfectly good office building. The state’s population is stable and housing values declining. More government edifices we can’t afford?


  2. Have ever heard of the term “shovel ready”? Its done wonders at the national level so Malloy will try it at the state level. Democrats refuse to learn from history. Like the nation, the state is broke!


  3. I think the Governor-elect meant to say “consternation” governor! Make-work projects will waste money, and only reward the contruction unions. But what’s new?

    I believe Connecticut should change it’s nickname from the Constitution State to the Union State.

    Malloy might be heroic if he proposes a 25% across the board cut in government staff and salaries along with a 25% cut in state taxes.

    How about attracting the productive and creative people back to the state! Will a Democrat EVER do something out of character?


  4. Um…guys? There hasn’t been a Democratic chief executive in CT since 1990. You may want to “learn from history” yourself.


  5. There are many foreclosed properties that can be put to better use, such as renting the foreclosed houses in the Hartford metro area rather than letting them waste away for months waiting to be sold and adding to neighborhood blight.


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