Malloy Supports Murphy’s “Buy American” Push

Congressman Chris Murphy’s push to buy American products may have an impact on spending by the state government.   During a taping of “Face the State” I asked Governor-elect Dan Malloy whether the state should be buying foreign cars for its fleet.     Malloy said “we should buy American.”  

That seems to signal that a change might be coming in the vehicles the state purchases for its fleet.  Right now the state has 325 Toyota  Prius models, a car that is manufactured in Tsutsumi, Japan.    

That’s about $7,000,000 of taxpayer money sent overseas.     No wonder why Murphy is  so emphatic about “Buy American. ”  By the way, the new Chevrolet Volt hitting the market now is made in Hamtramck, Michigan.   The Ford Escape hybrid, which the state also has in its fleet, is made in Missouri. 

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  1. Both the Ford & Chevrolet enjoy Connecticut content, as do virtually all domestic nameplate and European vehicles too!

    Often more of it than meets the eye too, due to our manufacturers expertise in precise metal fabrication which frequently is some small component within a larger part which in turn is often assembled in Mexico.

    Mexico is the #1 destination for CT exports and we’re one of the few states to have come out ahead due to NAFTA.

    Toyota products are virtually free of any CT content throughout their entire line regardless of point of final assembly; a fact not true of any other automobile manufacturer anywhere in the world.

    In other words, only Toyota boycotts Connecticut; maybe it’s time we boycott them back.

    Something we should all consider before we take out our own checkbooks, and certainly something we should insist be considered when it’s our tax dollars.


  2. I cannot believe my eyes. Buy American. How hypocritical. Mr. Murphy is pushing this, however he voted to help ailing GM. This would be fine but GM is investing over $500 million in a new plant in Mexico. This will create over 370 jobs there but not one here. Good going Mr. Murphy. Way to support him Mr. Malloy.


  3. “Buy American” as sold by Murphy, Malloy et al, is opium for the masses. Who could be against buying American, right? Unless you make changes that encourage companies to actually manufacture something here (like LOWERING corporate tax rates) pols like Murphy and Malloy are merely paying lip service to a real problem. Don’t hold your breath for these guys to change anything.


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