Simmons Back in the Race after Weicker Urging

Former congressman Rob Simmons is once again a candidate and back in the race for the U.S. Senate after a two month hiatus, during which challenger Linda McMahon has inched up in the polls against Dick Blumenthal.   

During a taping of “Face the State,” Simmons explained why he is back on the scene less than three weeks before the primary.   The Stonington Republican told me was encouraged to get back in the race by countless supporters and perhaps most importantly,  former Governor Lowell Weicker.   Simmons also said conservative author Ann Coulter of New Canaan  urged him to resurrect his campaign.

I asked whether this was revenge against McMahon, who beat him at the GOP convention in May.  “Absolutely not,” Simmons said,  calling McMahon a “wonderful lady” and that he respects what she has accomplished.

Simmons told me the party needs a candidate who can “best beat Blumenthal,” and if he wins on August 10th, he will make sure the Attorney General’s statements about his military service will be a big issue in the fall campaign.   Simmons brought along his military ribbons from his service in Vietnam to prove his point.  

Simmons has hired the Glastonbury ad firm of Cashman and Katz to produce his first television ad, that he calls a public service announcement.  You can watch it here:


Will there be other ads, and will he resume attacks against McMahon?   Tune in Sunday at 11 for the answer.

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  1. A piece of advice for everyone on earth:

    If Lowell Weicker urges you to do something–don’t.

    (And why is Rob Simmons talking to Weicker anyway? What’s the point of that? Is it fun?)


  2. Rob Simmons is the wrong man at the wrong time. While his past as a veteran and small business advocate are plusses, he is ill-suited to the current environment.

    He has never created private sector jobs, and can’t point to any initiatives he undertook to promote the welfare of small businesses or create jobs. He never tried to reign in Federal spending when he had the chance. He has been a part of the out-of-touch and out-of-contro Washington.

    Like Weicker, he is a big government RINO. His time has past. He just refuses to acknowledge it.


  3. Weicker is part of the ruling class. Back in the early 1990s 70,000+ CT citizens rallied against the income tax at the capital and then Gov. Weicker forced it upon the people anyway. That is the action of a Ruler.

    Anyone that has close ties to Weicker is a liability to CT and the nation. Weicker sits on McMahon’s board of directors and encouraged Simmons to get back in the race. I’ll pass on both of these like to be Rulers and put my support to Peter Schiff for the Aug 10 primary.


  4. The very mention of Weicker in polite company is something that should be avoided.

    However I wonder who these self-appointed guards of all things Republican think they are when they choose to call others “RINO”s

    Apparently even the late Barry Goldwater, the father of modern Conservatism, would qualify for the same slur.

    Considering Simmons pre-political black-budget CIA boots-on-the-ground background, it’s only Rob’s pleasant disposition that keeps such charges from becoming literally “famous last words”.


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