Lamont Refusal to Debate Grabs Headlines

There has been plenty of talk today about the upcoming gubernatorial debates on WFSB, WNPR and CPTV.   As the three organizations announced yesterday,  we will be broadcasting a debate for the Democrats on August 3rd, and the Republicans on August 4th.  

Tom Foley, Oz Griebel, Michael Fedele, and Dan Malloy have all accepted.  At this point, Ned Lamont has declined to participate.   Lamont explained his reasons on Face the State, and you watch that interview right here:   http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2010/07/20/lamont-explains-why-he-wont-debate/

The debate will go on, even if Malloy is the only candidate.  To cancel the debate would be unfair to our viewers and the voters.   We are hopeful Lamont will change his mind, in fact we plan on going forward with plans to have a two person debate moderated by WNPR’s John Dankosky and me.    At the last possible moment on August 3rd, we will  make the change to a single candidate format. 

 We also invite you to submit questions, and please leave your full name and town.      Send questions to Debatequestions@wfsb.com

Here is what various reporters and bloggers are saying about the debate and Lamont’s decision not to take part.

Hanging Shad


New Haven Register




Connecticut Mirror


Hartford Courant


Journal Inquirer


Daily Ructions


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  1. I’m glad WFSB, WNPR, and CPTV made the decision to continue with or without Lamont; I wish The DAY newspaper had done the same about the July 27th debate that Lamont refused to participate in. Lamont’s refusal to debate is a grave disservice to the voters of Connecticut. If his ideas are so good, he should be able to get them across in a debate, and defend them. This does not bode well for how he would handle controversy as governor.


  2. Debra Dickey is absolutely correct in what she has said. I feel it is vital for all serious political candidates to be willing to debate. The public has the right to see each candidate articulate his of her views and to be able to see the contract between the candidates and how they answer questions. How nervous do they seem? Are they evasive? Do they contradict previously held positions? Do they have a sense of humor, of compassion, and a qucik wit etc.?


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