Famous people from Connecticut

Getting Together with Gayle

Tune in to the Gayle King Show on Oprah radio on XM tomorrow (Thursday) at 9AM.    Channel 156, my wife’s favorite station. 

I’ll be talking with my former co-anchor (the one who lovingly calls me Denzel ) about Richard Blumenthal.     We will also get Gayle’s take on the story.  Remember she interviewed Blumenthal several times during her Channel 3 career.

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  1. Dennis please make sure that you bring up the subject of what is going on in Middletown with the board of education, town, and the Police department.

    I do believe that someone is going to get arrested if the members of that board don’t step back and allow the investigation take place.

    If they don’t have anything to hide, why are they stopping that officer from doing his job? Smells funny to me.

    Michael Perry


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