Ted Kennedy Jr. Endorses Lamont

A first for Connecticut’s member of America’s most famous political family:  Ted Kennedy,  Junior has taped a campaign commercial for a state politician.   Kennedy, who lives in Branford, is now appearing in a commercial for Ned Lamont.   

According to Channel 3’s Democratic analyst Duby McDowell, this is the first time Kennedy has taped a television ad for a candidate in our state.  Duby explains the significance of this in her blog, the Laurel:  http://thelaurelct.com/2010/07/22/as-if-ct-political-reporters-dont-have-enough-to-cover/

The commercial will once again raise speculation about Kennedy’s political future.   Earlier this year Connecticut Democratic party chairwoman Nancy DiNardo described Kennedy as the “dream candidate” to challenge Senator Joe Lieberman in 2012.   We talked about that here: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2010/01/24/ted-kennedy-junior-in-12/   

The ad will also dash hopes of folks in Massachusetts who are hoping Kennedy will return to the Bay State to run for his father’s old seat.   In the ad Kennedy talks about his love for Connecticut and that this is his home.   

You can watch the commercial here:


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  1. I’m sitting here, and getting really upset. I hope that Ted Senior isn’t rolling over in his grave to be honest.

    I watched your interview with Ned Lamont again tonight in case I missed anything. On Sunday night I had gotten a ‘call’ to enter into a phone call with Ned and Annie Lamont, I didn’t get the call until the ‘interview’ or ‘Town Hall’ whatever you want to call it. I didn’t ask for the call, so to be honest I don’t know how it came to me. I haven’t said who I was voting for.

    During the ‘call’ those of us who were listening were asked if we had any questions to press 0 and somebody would take the question. After that if you wanted to help Ned and Annie in their campagin to press 1. After two hours, somebody finally picked up and I asked my question, which of course never got asked. Those of us who’s questions didnd’t get asked, would get an answer, but they never said how.

    So, right now to be honest, my thoughts about Ned Lamont is getting lower and lower. No debates, ‘random’ calling? Plus a Kennedy backing him???


  2. I’m long past the point of being interested in what Ted Kennedy, Jr., has to say, unless it’s to tel Lamont to debate Malloy.


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