Malloy and Lamont Agree

If Mayor Eddie Perez is found guilty at his corruption trial, there won’t be any support from the two Democrats running for governor.  Through their spokespeople, both Dan Malloy and Ned Lamont told Eyewitness News Perez should resign.   Perez endorsed Lamont in the race for governor. 

We have asked Governor Rell the same question (should Perez resign if found guilty,)  but have not heard back from her office yet.

As we pointed out yesterday, the city charter does not have a provision preventing a mayor who is convicted of a felony from remaining in office.    A source told Eyewitness News there is a strong possibility that if convicted, the mayor would fight to keep his job.


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  1. I can’t believe there would be no provision for ousting a mayor convicted of a felony. I know he hasn’t been sentenced yet, but when he is he will probably be “away” for quite awhile. So who’s going to be running the city all that time? There should be a special election to fill this position. I do not live in Hartford but am concerned for the city as I worked there for a number of years.


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