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McMahon Speaks about Hart Lawsuit

Republican senate candidate Linda McMahon has spoken about a lawsuit filed against her and the WWE by Martha Hart, the widow of wrestler Owen Hartford.  In an interview with WFSB for “Face the State,” McMahon answered questions about the suit.  Here is a clip:


“The accident with Owen Hart happened eleven years ago.  It was a devastating accident that Owen Hart lost his life and for Vince and I and the WWE and fans of the WWE our hearts and souls went out to Martha and her two young children.    It was our desire to make sure Martha and their children were cared for for the rest of their lives. This particular suit is a copyright issue a contract issue that the WWE will be dealing with.” 

I also asked McMahon if she felt her political opponents were somehow behind the announcement of the lawsuit.
“it was in Hartford today the suit was filed in Hartford the press conference was in hartford the WWE located in Stamford.  The  timing is what it is, we’ll see.” 
I also asked if she would advise her husband Vince to pull Owen Hart videos to satisfy the family.
“I think the WWE has always operated in its copyright rights.  If there is an issue it will dealt with appropriately.”

You can hear from Linda McMahon about the Hart lawsuit and more this  Sunday at 11AM on “Face the State.”   Details on what else we talked about later this week.

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  1. This appears to have been a tragic accident which occurred 11 years ago due to a faulty stunt and equipment failure.

    Although no amount of money can replace a husband and father, reports say that the WWE paid $18M to provide financial security to a grieving family.

    Bringing a new lawsuit at this late date appears to be a money grab encouraged by Linda’s political opponents. Any onlooker — objective or even biased — can clearly see that.


  2. “it was in Hartford today the suit was filed in Hartford the press conference was in hartford the WWE located in Stamford. The timing is what it is, we’ll see.”

    Dennis, I hope you pointed out there isn’t a district courthouse in Stamford! It’s good to see Mrs. McMahon is beginning to open herself up to honest, unbiased reporters.


  3. The should not be profiting off of his name without giving the family a part of the profits. The was a special on the other night about a lawyer that represent dead celebrities, to make sure that people don’t use their name or misuse it without the consent of the families.

    They also make sure that any profits made off the the celebrities name that the profits go in to that celebrities estate. Have Linda take a look at that special that was done.

    Some of the celebrities include Michael Jackson, Elvis, Jacky Robinson and the list goes on and on.


  4. Michael, just because things are being alleged doesn’t make them true. The widow attempted to bring a similar suit against WWE in Canada (where the Hart family resides) and it was thrown out of court.

    Now she suddenly appears in CT to hold a press conference over a little copyright suit? Awfuly fishy.

    Frankly, the double-speak of this lawsuit is amusing. The widow hates wrestling and doesn’t want any videos featuring her late husband to be released… but if they are, she’ll gladly take the money.

    Which is it? If she was as disgusted by wrestling as she acts, she wouldn’t want a penny of that dirty rasslin’ money.


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