A Governor Griebel Would Take Page out of NJ Governor’s Playbook

Republican candidate for governor Oz Griebel is in an uphill battle for the GOP nomination, but you’d never know it by his optimism.   The latest polls show him way behind former ambassador Tom Foley, but Griebel is banking on all those undecided voters, and there are lots of them , to go his way.

The President of the Metro Hartford Alliance may not be racking up the poll numbers, but he seems to be impressing those who hear him speak, and campaign watchers.   The Simbury native does seem to have thoughtful answers about what ails our state, and might possibly be the “another Weicker” that some believe Connecticut desperately needs.   Griebel agreed with the outspoken former governor about many of the criticisms he leveled at state government.  You can read all about Weicker’s remarks at www.capitolreport.com

After he laid out plans for union concessions and spending cuts, I asked Griebel if there was a state he thinks is being run well.  His answer:  New Jersey. 

Chris Christie has taken a no-holds barred approach in his efforts to turn around the debt-ridden Garden State.  He’s been criticized by Democrats for going after unions telling voters “unions profit off their misery.”   He’s a darling of Republicans who applaud his blunt style of cutting spending.

You can see the entire interview with Oz Griebel this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the Sttate.

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  1. “…another Weicker”

    If only… As an “undecided” I’m starting to make my decision. Oz is looking good to me. Keep up the momentum.


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