Simmons to Drop Out of Senate Race

Rob Simmons on “Face the State with Dennis House” during his last appearance on the program in October

It will be official tomorrow, but Eyewitness News has learned former congressman Rob Simmons will drop out of the race for the U.S. Senate, tomorrow. 

A source with knowledge of  the Simmons campaign told me Simmons has decided to end his campaign and will make the announcement tomorrow in New London.

A spokesman for the campaign told me ” he is on a short leash with this one” and couldn’t say anything.

This comes three days after Simmons lost the party endorsement to rival Republican Linda McMahon at the GOP convention. 

 Simmons was the leader in the race for much of 2009 when he announced he would challenge Senator Chris Dodd.  Then McMahon, Peter Schiff  and others jumped in, Dodd dropped out and was replaced by Richard Blumenthal.  Simmons hasn’t been atop the polls since Blumenthal entered the race. 


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  1. Shame to see a great guy like Simmons drop but our incompetent AG stays in when he lied about his lack of Vietnam experience.

    This state is hopeless if they put Bluemy in.


  2. I was looking forward to a primary between McMahon and Simmons. I might even have voted for Simmons if he got the GOP nod. I will be voting for Richard Blumenthal!


  3. Just shows that the Republicans think they can win only by using money and dirty politics to win an election. Ms McMahon will not pay attention to issues, but will continue to spend her $50 million on trash. Her fortune was built on lies and on the backs of men and women who crave the spotlight.


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