Hartford Whalers

Hartford getting a version of the Winter Classic

Former Hartford Whalers owner Howard Baldwin is bringing outdoor hockey to Rentschler Field this winter.   Sources tell Eyewitness News the setup will be similar to the Winter Classic at Fenway Park earlier this year, and at Wrigley Field the year before. 

Now, the big difference is it won’t be the NHL, but there will more games, about 30- 35.  They will consist of professional, college, and amateur hockey teams. 

Why?  I’m told this is part of Baldwin’s plan to increase the love of hockey in Connecticut and help make the case that this is a major league city that could support a major league team again.   His goal for this outdoor hockey is to help resurrect the Hartford Whalers.   I’m thinking in a few years we could have a winter classic with the Whalers versus the  Rangers or Bruins.   Check out Baldwin’s cool new logo:

More information at news conference next week.

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  1. oh my god that would be so cool to have this again i use to go to the hartford whalers game in hartford and this wold be great to bring to the rent we need stuff around here we have nothing herefor familys bring it on


  2. I wanted to meet with Baldwin for years while he was out here in LA- sadly never got a chance to- but I wanted him to do jsut this. Market the hell out of the area again!

    I am from Windsor now in California.But if he brings back the Whalers- I’d gladly move back.


  3. Really exciting!!! Baldwin seems to have some great ideas and fully understands that bringing the Whalers back isnt just buying a team and moving them to Hartford. It’s about bringing hockey back to the people and reminding us what we lost. 30 games of outdoor hockey?! Can’t wait!!!
    The Rent just had US soccer last night, Huskies and Colonials football this fall, and HOCKEY in winter?!!! Nice job Mr Baldwin!


  4. This is very cool! Please keep us posted on any developments with the outdoor hockey. This really is the way the sport is meant to be played and watched.


  5. Wow, this is going to be outstanding! Outside hockey in Hartford. This will definitely catch some attention. We need to make sure these events are well attended.

    I wonder if Howard’s idea for the return of the Whalers Alumni games will be there as well?


  6. This just strikes me as incredibly smart. The challenge will be for bringing back the Whalers is proving that there is a fan base who will be there to support the team. I think we got shafted with Karmanos took the team away 13 years ago and we will now face the issue of being tagged as a city that “cannot support a professional franchise” because of that, whether fair or unfair.

    If they can establish some strong hockey support, it will hopefully get the ball rolling (puck sliding?) because there will also need to be a new arena to go along with this. The XL Center is just not set up to entice in the corporate support/luxury boxes as some of the newer venues are. Plus, it would be nice to have a new place for the UConn men and women hoop teams to play.


  7. A beanpot type tourney with all Nutmeg D-1 schools, Q-pac, UConn, Yale, Sacred Heart would be a can’t miss.


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