Veterans Cemetery Neglected by Perez Administration

Eyewitness News has learned an historic cemetery in Hartford’s North End, known as Hartford’s Arlington,  has been neglected by the city.    With Memorial Day a week away several veterans’ families are wondering if the grave sites where their loved ones are buried are being properly cared for and respected.

Channel 3’s Len Besthoff uncovered the neglect and here is his eyeopening report:  http://www.wfsb.com/news/23659764/detail.html

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  1. I have to admit, that I haven’t been to Hartford’s Arlington Cemetary, but I have been to the cemetary on Tower and Coventry in Hartford where my grandparents are buried. I am the only one in the family that goes there. The last time I had gone there, I was in such shock! The grass was high, there was garbarge all around, there were empty beer bottles, wine bottles, even a mattress!

    I happen to know that my brother pays a fee each year for maintence for my grandparents being there. I don’t know the cost, he took over the cost from my dad. My brother also pays for where my dad is buried in Long Island, NY.

    When I was leaving where my grandparents were buried, I called the telephone number that was on the fence as to ‘who’ takes care of the grounds. I was on the phone with a woman for almost two hours! She was telling me about the cutbacks, they only had one or two men to cover the area, and one of them had been hurt the other was on vacation. I told her the damage that was there was more than one week old. She told me somebody would be out the next day.

    I know my grandparents were only buried in 1952 and 1953, but even where they are, there are headstones knocked over.

    In a country in which we don’t take care of our own living elderly, or people who have illnesses, I know there are people out there, who wouldn’t even think about helping out in a cemetary. I’ve done it in Hartford, and in Long Island. This is our history, we need to make sure it’s never forgotten or taken for granted.


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