Hartford Whalers Mugs Hit the Market

Hartford Whalers fever continues with coffee mugs now for sale.   Bob Chamberlain of Simsbury told me he was inspired by seeing former team owner Howard Baldwin on  “Face the State,”  and our discussion about the revival of Whalers merchandise.   Chamberlain decided to manufacture these mugs.

If you want a mug they are sold at the Old State House gift shop in downtown Hartford. 

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  1. As a kid, I remember the excitement of going to Downtown Hartford to see a Whalers (or Celtics) game. And I used to love hanging out in the Whalers store in Civic Center mall when my Dad had a store.

    As an adult I spent 10 years as a Hartford resident and active community member. I truly, truly love the City of Hartford, it’s incredibly rich culture and historic legacy. That being said, I find all this Whalers nostalgia kind of (okay, very) sad (okay, pathetic). They are never coming back – let’s focus on the good things now, and quit suffering from Willie Loman-esque has been-ism.


  2. Sorry Walt, that defeatist attitude from the residents of our state is what makes Connecticut so boring at times. If you arent down with the Whalers, you simply arent down on knowing how we can make Hartford great again. Hartford hasnt been the same since they left, and there is no shame supporting the effort to bring them back.


  3. Its very simple, if you dont believe they are coming back they will not. Its hard to bring them back if you think its hard. When you believe they are coming back it becomes possible and wouldnt everyone be worse off if we didnt try to do things that seem impossible?


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