Dr. Petit talks about his life, lawmakers and the legal system

As I prepared to interview Dr. William Petit on “Face the State” my primary concern was how we could make this man feel at ease.    He’s been through a hell many of us don’t even want to think about, and to say every day for him is tough, would be a huge understatement. 

Before he arrived at the station, I started to get a little nervous, hoping I would say the right thing.    Right away, Dr. Petit put ME at ease!  He asked me to call him “Bill,” and we spent a good amount of time talking  before the taping.

In the interview we talked about how he is doing, his foundation, and his quest to get justice for victims.  He thinks about three victims named Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela every day, all day. 

Dr. Petit also talked about candidates who support abolishing the death penalty,  and how he hopes they are not successful.  He also has a message for statemakers.  Speaking of politics, I asked him whether he would run for office. 

Tune in this morning at 11AM 

Here is a link to the Petit Family Foundation


Here is a link to the Prudence Crandall Center


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  1. >>Right away, Dr. Petit put ME at ease! He asked me to call him “Bill,”


    He’s one of the Petit boys alright.

    His father and brothers are warm decent fellows too.

    Despite it all, Dr William Petit remains the man he was brought up to be and always was.


  2. Dennis,

    I had met the Great Dr. Petit in December. I had offered to help with the Cheshire’s Light of Hope. I too was nervous about meeting him. When I walked into the garage where they were making the luminaries, and my first reaction of Dr. Petit, is he is tall! Then I had put my hand out to shake his hand, and he told me that he hugs people and doesn’t shake hands. My second thought about his is that he is such a Teddy Bear.
    He is just a wonderful man. He recogonized me from my facebook page, and called me Shar (like the word Share – it’s the only way I can get people calling me the right name that way. We talked for a few minutes he told me he had to leave early since he promised his nephews he would take them to a basketball game.
    The next weekend was setting up for the Cheshires Lights of Hope. Again, like the previous weekend, he called me by my name and Thanked me again for helping out since I came all the way from Middletown to help out, and I was there with my walker.
    Listening to Dr. Petit give his speach, once again I was so amazed by how warm, and giving he is. Especially from what he has gone through.
    I was so excited to be there, and wanted to do a good job of setting up the luminaries. I set up six when I noticed one of the candles had fallen over, so I bent down to staighten it up, and the next thing I knew I was in the shoulder of my road. I was embarrased and upset, especially when they called the van Dr. Petit had been in. I was crying when he came over to me. I kept telling him “I’m sorry over and over again” He gave me one of his warm hugs and told me it would be ok, and he would pray for me. He also thanked me for what I did. I looked at him and said I didn’t do anything, which upset me even more. He asked me if I had put down any of the luminaries and I said I did. He also asked me if I helped making the luminaries, and I said I did, so he told me that I did help out a lot. Then he whispered in my ear that he would pray for me. I told him I’d prary for him as well.
    Dr. Petit and I talked a bit online through Facebook, but he was getting so many postings when things started up with the jury selection.
    The next time I had seen Dr. Petit was for the Travelers M.S. Walk, and I walked in Cheshire. When I went to sign in, Dr. Petit was there and again I had gotten a hug from me. He said he looked at how they were doing in donations and saw that I had raised the most in the team I was on. I told him that most of the money I had raised was due to my friends on Facebook. I’m still asking for donations since we can get them until May 21st.
    Dr. Petit, knows I have M.S. as well, and I even donated to a couple other people who did the walk. I explained that my donations were going towards the person who was walking, as well for a person who has M.S.
    So, thank you so much for taking the time and having Dr. Petit being on your show. He is a wonderful, caring, and understanding man, even after all he has gone through these past few years.


  3. I truly feel for Dr. Petit. It is important, however, to remember, that many of us who oppose the death penalty, do so not for the benefit of the Steven Hayes and Michael Komisarjevskys in this world, but for the benefit of the George Goulds, Ron Taylors and James Tillmans, all men who were accused and convicted of heinous crimes, by juries of their peers, who have now been released from prison because of new evidence. All three were convicted in Connecticut.

    The death penalty does not deter crime. A stronger death penalty could not have prevented the tragedy in Cheshire. That is a plain and immutable fact. Thus, the main goal of our justice system, protecting society, is not served in any way by the death penalty.

    Of course, we also have an interest in providing justice to families. But men are convicted by mortals, not angels, and so long as this is the case, there will be a risk, however small, that an innocent man will find himself on death row. Our interest in providing victims’ with a sense of “justice” cannot possibly outweigh our interest in preventing the state sponsored execution of even one innocent man.

    It is sad that this will become a campaign issue this year. The death penalty provides no benefit to any of us. Yet candidates will huff and puff in order to appeal to voters most basic instincts.

    Politics is a invariably a vain endeavor. I do not look forward to seeing this tragedy exploited by self serving candidates for office.


  4. Fuzzy Dunlop…you should really get someone to brutally rape and murder your children so that you can understand why Dr. Petit wants death..

    Also…if you have so much deep compassion for the KILLERS then perhaps you should pay for their FREE dental care and FREE health care and FREE toilet paper needed to wipe their asses with…..

    Poor babies….they’re going to die for murdering and raping people…

    People who have any kind of HUMANITY for these animals should get CANCER and DIE OF IT


  5. Laci Lyn,

    I’m sorry your assailant didn’t get nailed. I never told the authorities or even my folks of when it happened to me. My cousin (YES, I did say my cousin), raped me. He kept telling me that he would kill my family if I did. Let me tell you, when I saw him go after my father with a butcher knife, I made sure I never told anybody in my family or anybody I knew about it until I was 21. The assault on me happened when I was 13.

    When my cousin died, with every shovel full of dirt I put in his grave, I just kept repeating “You can’t hurt me now” over and over.

    My cousin had been only nine months younger than me, he had been hooked on drugs and drunk from drinking a case of beer! I tried to get away from him that day, I fought and I fought, I screamed but it was just he and I in the house.

    I am now 51 years old, there are things even to this day that will bring me back to that day. Do I wish death on those who have hurt Dr. Petit? Oh you are so right I do! I also wish I could be there when it happens.


  6. Serena

    Fuzzy Dunlop made no comment on feeling compassion for the killers of Dr Petit’s family. The crime was horrific and fully deserving of severe punishment. Those on both sides of the execution debate can agree on that. The issue being disucssed was that a justice system can make mistakes and possibly execute the wrong person. There are many documented cases in the USA of people who were executed who may indeed have been innocent. That in itself is appalling. Execution as a form of punishment will never sit easy in society.


  7. Serena,

    True on the both sides of the exucation debate. I had always disagreed with it to be honest. Even with what happened to me, and it being my cousin. Again it took a while for him to have died due to his own illness.

    With hearing things the past couple of days from what Stephen Hayes has said to the police, and knowing Dr. Petit for the short time that I do, there is no way on this earth, that I could ever dispute what his own feelings and his family are going through even now. I also know when I see Dr. Petit this weekend, I’ll get a big hug and kiss from him. I’ll be helping out at the Petit Family Race which I really look so forward to doing. I am happy to help with this, due to it carries on with what his wife and daughters were so wonderful to do for Multiple Sclerosis. I also suffer from that, so I look forward to any way I can help with others who suffer with it.

    I know that no matter how many people help Dr. Petit in his quest, we will never fill the void he has. We will be there by his side, we will do what we can, and we can and always care deeply for him.


  8. The thing is…if we give them LIFE in prison, we’ll have to pay for their FREE dental cleanings, FREE health care and FREE toilet paper…

    I would support LIFE in prison under the following circumstances:

    NO freebies

    NO TV

    NO internet

    NO chance of parole

    CHEAP meals

    NO solitary confinement, they mix and mingle with other ‘friendly’ inmates

    LIFE in prison however, is usually just a party of FREEBIES!!



  9. I had the great honor of being at the Petit Family Foundation Race Sunday. There were at least 3,000 people who were either running or walking. This is the third year that this was held, but the first time I was there. I was a ‘Voulunteer’ as well as somebody who has Multiple Sclerosis. I met and talked with Dr. Petit’s father, and brother, and can see where Dr. Petit, had gotten his warm, funny and compassion.

    The Petit Family Foundation helps with other foundations and to think just what they do it just amazing. What Dr. Petit would like is if people can help somebody in some way. It’s like the ‘Pay it forward’ concept. If you can’t do a huge donation, check on your neighbor, if you see somebody drop something, help them pick it up.

    As I’ve stated on here before, I do wish the men who have hurt the Petit family get life, I hope it is really the death penalty. I do not want ‘us’ to have to pay for them to live out the rest of their lives as Serena say ‘getting freebies’. I would love for them to be gone, to be eliminated from this earth for what they did.

    From the time I have heard what happened to Dr. Petit and his family, I agree on an ‘eye for an eye’. Before that I thought if the person who did the damage would be in jail and that would be fine. In the world we live in today, it just can’t be that way anymore.


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