Say “cheese”

Every so often we television types must have our pictures taken…professionally, that is.   The one in “the Hartfordite” masthead was taken in late 2006, so I was due for new ones. 

 I recently had a shoot with the always awesome Brian Ambrose (seen below,) who is the official “say cheese” guy for Channel 3.    His work is also seen in Hartford Magazine, in fact Brian photographed my daughter and me back in 2007.  Here is a link to that.


Anyway, here are a few of the 100 or so shots taken.  The bosses will pick the ones they like and they’ll be wrapped up with a stick of gum and sold as anchor trading cards.    A 1986 Denise D’Ascenzo card is worth big bucks now, but not as much as  rare 1993 Al Terzi cards from both WFSB and WTNH.   Seriously, the images will be used in promotions and cards that we give to viewers, some of whom collect them from different stations.     I guess somewhere I’m hanging under a magnet on a refrigerator with Lisa Carberg, Joe Furey and  Sonia Baghdady. 

Here is Brian’s website http://www.brianambrosephoto.com/

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  1. Ok, I have to admit I like you looking like the anchor and The Hardfordite pics, but the one where you are relaxed pointing to the Whalers… well, that did it for me! LOL.

    BTW no notice to the insomnics tonight 😦


  2. Bring back the Whale!!! Great photos, I’ll have to figure out where downtown you took them from and take some shots there too.


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