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Back from Vacation

The Houses:  L-R rear   Chris, Jodi, Kara, Dennis  L-R front Tommy, Matt, Julian and Helena

I’m back from a week in South Florida visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and their children.  They moved to Naples in December,  having had enough of  New England winters.     They are not alone.  We saw plenty of license plates from cold climate states, with Michigan taking the prize as the license plate we saw the most. 

We also visited Fort Lauderdale, where I went to Spring Break with my college buddies in the 1980s and lived briefly for a winter after college.   The old Spring Break haunts like Penrod’s and the Button are gone, along with the cheap oceanfront motels that lined the strip, including the one where we crammed nine people into one room   It was crowded, but the price was right.  Fort Lauderdale has since gone upscale, building luxury hotels and high rise condominiums.  The spring breakers have moved on to other locales.

We drove by my old apartment which is slated for the wrecking ball along with the neighboring Howard Johnson’s hotel that Kara visited during a vacation 20 odd years ago.  Truth be told, I kind of miss the old Fort Lauderdale. 

the old pad surrounded by chain link fence, overgrown trees,  and “keep out” signs

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  1. One more 80’s haunt you forgot, The Candy Store. My activities there prevent me from a career in public service. Or perhaps prepared me. Thank God there wasnt Facebook or UTube in the 80s in FLA…yikes!


  2. Good memory, Ben. I also remember the Candy Store and Summer’s. What happened in Lauderdale, stayed in Lauderdale.


  3. Ah, Summers (on the beach) was a great place for spring break. I too lived there from 1982-1985 and loved every minute. The only thing I missed (besides my family) was the change of seasons. And I loved the “Welcome Back Native” parties for after spring break!


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