Downtown Hartford Loses Only Bookstore

Downtown Hartford’s only bookstore is no more.   The Catholic Book Store on Market Street closed its doors last week and headed for suburbia, a story that is becoming all too familiar to Connecticut’s capital city.      This fall would have marked 50 years in business downtown, but the store just couldn’t make it. 

Store manager Donna Doutney told me Hartford had changed.   There are fewer people downtown these days, and many people don’t want the hassle of parking.   

The store wasn’t a typical bookstore…those shops left Hartford years ago, but it sold religious books and items, that made great gifts for religious occasions.   Denise, Kara Al, and I along  with many other Channel 3 folks often went there for christening items and the like.    The people who worked there were always friendly and helpful.

The store will re-open in Bloomfield. 

Sometimes I’m amazed that when I moved to Hartford in 1992 I could shop at a major department store (G. Fox,)  buy clothes at the GAP, see an NHL game, buy UConn and Whalers souvenirs at a store, and plenty of other things.

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  1. Someone please stop the migration of businesses out of the city….Maybe if they got the crime rate down they would be able to keep some businesses. I NEVER go to Hartford unless I have to go on-campus to Hartford Hospital. I will go way out of my way to stay out of Hartford…..Won’t even look for a job in Hartford. I have been unemployed for 2 years now.


  2. Why would anybody want to go downtown anymore? Its a bunch of unemployed losers…even channel 3 left so whats that tell you?


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