Malloy: “Maybe” on Tolls

Dan Malloy is against tolls, but might sign them into law if a bill ended up on his desk.    During a taping of “Face the State” the former mayor of Stamford gave the conditions needed for tolls to be resurrected here.   

Malloy is a “Face the State” veteran,  having appeared on the program several times since his first run for governor in 2006.    He knows the drill and is very television savvy, answering questions succinctly from our panel of Daniela Altimari of the Hartford Courant and Ted Mann of the New London Day.    However, our  final question he obviously did not like.

In February of 2009,  Malloy was asked if he agreed with calls by the New York Times and the  Courant and the New York Times that Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez should resign.    Here is what he told the Courant’s Chris Keating:

          “I’ll give you a prediction. I predict that Eddie will rapidly do what’s in the best interests of the city, and I think he needs the time to figure that out,” “But I think that decision is going to come much more rapidly than any of us think. Eddie loves this city. He’s going to do the right thing for the city.”     

Thirteen months later, I read this quote to Malloy and asked him what Mayor Perez should do now.   When you watch on Sunday you’ll see how Malloy wished this quote had never been recited and the question had never been asked.   After all,  Mayor Perez was a big supporter of his in 2006, and Malloy needs those Perez supporters this year.    I followed up by asking Malloy if he could have run the city of Stamford while being in court all day.   “That would be tough,” Malloy said, obviously relieved the taping of “Face the State” was nearing an end.

The Perez issue was a small part of the end of the show, the bulk of “Face” was spent on all sorts of other questions.  When asked about Governor Rell’s new plan to rebuild the UConn Health Center,  Malloy was critical of it.   Malloy called the budget crisis a “bipartisan train wreck,” and was asked whether the Democratic leadership in the General Assembly also needs to be changed.    We talked transportation, infrastructure, Sunday liquor sales, the brain drain, Connecticut’s lack of coolness, whether the state should buy cars built overseas and more.    There is a good exchange about keeping jobs here in Connecticut. 

Daniela asked Malloy to spell out the differences between him and his fellow Democrat Ned Lamont, and Ted followed up the hot button issue of paid sick time.

Another short but “must see tv” moment of “Face the State?”     Archival footage of our political analyst Duby McDowell as we wish her a very happy 50th birthday. 

See you Sunday at 11.  Photography courtesy our Face the State intern Joe Melillo.

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  1. Ok Dennis,

    Great insights for the upcoming show and even some great ‘teasers’. I guess we are really going to have some fun race now.

    I was at the State Capital on Tuesday for MS Awareness Day and took a tour of the building. When sitting in seats of our great politicians I could close my eyes and hear the arguements going back and forth.

    I have to make sure I don’t go to NY Sunday like I had to go to last week.


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