Snow and the City

The University of Connecticut Law School campus where Al Terzi graduated.  Eric Parker and Jessica Schneider are soon to be alumni.    Al gave Eric and Jessica pointers.  “Kick the ball toward the middle of the net.”   

State House Square.   We miss the occasional dinners at Morton’s with the bosses. 

Broadcast Hole 

Bank of America in Asylum Hill.   Wouldn’t it be nice if all banks and smaller office buildings looked as good as this? 

Bushnell Park is a great place for sledding.  Seriously.

New Haven developer David Nyberg just won an architectural award for his restoration of this historic building on Farmington Avenue.  Hallie Jackson’s beau also worked on this beauty.  Wouldn’t it be nice if other landlords  in the city did the same with their properties? 

One of Hartford’s most historic streets, Capitol Avenue.   The brownstones were built in 1871.  The Butler McCook House a century earlier.  Kara and I lived on Capitol Avenue for the better part of 7 years.

The entrance to the Hoadley Bridge in Bushnell Park.  What….you say, there is no bridge  in Bushnell Park?  You are right…but there was. 

The bridge was demolished and the Park River buried as part of the “Destroy Hartford” campaign of the mid 20th century.  That program led to the demolition of entire neighborhoods, and dozens of beautiful buildings, but that is a story for another blog.

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  1. Again, Dennis, you have brought me back to my younger years to when I was a kid and was able to get on a bus with my friend MaryLou and we would go “Downtown Hartford”. We’d walk into G.Fox and ‘window shop’, walk up to “Mr. Peanut” of course we would have to go in there and get some hot peanuts – what a joy! Walk around Constitution Plaza which we thought was ‘neat’ since we were walking on the tops of important buildings. We would spend hours in Bushnell Park, I’ve lost count how many times we would ride the Carousel.

    As for UCONN, well, I had hoped I’d go there as my brothers had gone. My oldest brother had gotten a degree in Business and due to his work being a CPA, CFO, CEO and Presidents of companies, even came back a few times to teach some courses. My other brother had gotten a Law Degree, but also had a minor in Teaching. He ended up getting his Masters in Teaching at the age of 40 when he found what he wanted to do in his life. He is now a High School History Teacher. As for me, well, I remember the drives to UCONN, when we would drive by where the ‘Moo Cows’ were – I don’t remember seeing any other of the animals, just the cows.

    I remember going to my brothers graduations from UCONN and how proud my parents were – they never got the chance to go to college. They were so pleased and happy and beaming. Me??? I wanted to play with the tassells from their hats.

    When we moved to NY in 1973 it dashed all my hopes of coming ‘home’ again. My parents had moved back in 1980 due to Kaman calling my dad back to work until he was 65 so he could get his full pension. My dad still kept in contact with people in Kaman until he passed away.

    He is what showed me once you live in CT, it is always ‘home’. No matter how many snow storms, ice/hail storms, you go through, they are never the same as they are here in CT. What beautiful sights you see, the snow on the trees, people getting annoyed for being ‘stuck’ in their parking spot/driveway due to the plow that came by more than one time and plowed you in (my boyfriend hasn’t gone out to the car yet to see how burried it is. He is going to have a surprise tomorrow morning when he has to go out!). The broken shovels forgotten with the sight of a snowman. The bags of salt/sand your didn’t pick up at the store, oh well, good thing we have a cat, will just have to pick up more cat litter tomorrow.

    So early congratulations to Eric and Jessica – the two of you are going to be among some very elite people such as the amazing Al Terzi, my two, well, I guess, I’ll be a nice ‘kid’ sister and say my brothers at times are quite amazing as well (just tell them I said that – they will rub it in my face as they used to do with the snow!)


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