Lamont: no tolls, but won’t rule out new taxes, new focus on cities

The label “Liberal Democrat” isn’t exactly a helpful thing for a candidate to have around one’s neck in 2010, and newly declared candidate for Governor Ned Lamont seems to know this.   When asked if he still considers himself a “Liberal Democrat,” he said no, I’m a “Progressive Democrat.”  

Lamont is our guest on Face the State this Sunday.  During the taping, Lamont talked about the extremely tough job he will face if elected to succeed Governor Rell.  The state is in an economic crisis and the next Governor will be forced to make some unpopular decisions.  In fact, some are speculating the next Governor will soon be so unpopular, there won’t be a second term, much like Governor Lowell Weicker. 

I’ll save the details for Sunday, but Lamont told us he is opposed to the resurrection of tolls, but supports lifting the ancient blue laws that ban the sale of liquor on Sundays.   In a lenghty exchange with WNPR’s Jeff Cohen he also would also not rule out raising taxes or implementing new ones.

Also, Paul Hughes of the Waterbury Republican American grilled Lamont on the unions of state workers  and whether they will have to make concessions to help balance the budget.  

We also asked about whether Speaker Chris Donovan and  Senate President Don Williams should keep their jobs since they, like Governor Rell have been at the wheel during this crisis.

Lamont also promised to focus on the state’s troubled cities and wants an end to jobs and companies fleeing for the suburbs.

See you at 11AM on Sunday.

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  1. Ned Lamont will not be elected Governor if he pledges to raise taxes in a recession. Whomever the next Governor is they should be cutting taxes and getting people to spend money.

    More taxes will prolong this recession for several more years and not everyone has millions of dollars like Lamont. So i encourage people to vote for anyone but Ned.


  2. I like Mr. Lamont’s realistic approach. The need to broaden the tax base and create jobs is spot on, however, before handing out tax credits “willy nilly” to attract businesses to come to Connecticut, I would like to see stipulations put in place that would prevent companies from closing up and sending jobs overseas. Also, there should be some incentives to employ and train people in skills that will be relevent in evolving markets and technologies.


  3. I happened to be at home this morning and watched the interview with Ned Lamont. It seemed to me that everytime the camera was on him, he smiled what I thought was a fake smile. He also seemed to rattle off the answers pretty quickly – did he know the questions ahead of time? Does he not trust the system enough so he figures he can use his own money to buy the Governor seat? If he does become the next Governor, I hope it was because of what he believes in NOT how much of his own money he spent to get there.


  4. Mr. Lamont is just an angry businessman who wants more power by running for office. He was arrogant when he swept the Democratic rug out from under Sen. Lieberman and he was arrogant on Face the State yesterday. Our state has had Republican governors for years and years and there is no chance of a Democratic victory in November. The bad state of the economy is tied to the Democratic Obama administration, and Mr. Lamont has to answer for that. I’m just hoping another Democrat will step up to the plate. Someone nicer and more humble.


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