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Chris Cillizza on “Face the State”

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This Sunday morning we have a special guest on “Face the State,” one of the premier political reporters and pundits in the nation:  Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post.  He is the man behind “The Fix,” a must-read for politicos.  I really got into the “The Fix”  during the presidential campaign of 2007-08 and if you haven’t had your “Fix” yet, this Sunday morning is the time to check it out.    http://blog.washingtonpost.com/thefix/

Television viewers will recognize Chris from appearances on “Meet the Press,” and on MSNBC and other outlets.   Undoubtedly his visit to “Face the State” is the pinnacle of his television career!    At least here in Connecticut.   I love to tease friends at MSNBC about ratings.  OK,   their reach is all across the country, so they may have more viewers than we do.  However,  here in Connecticut the number of people watching their cable channel is a fraction of the viewers tuning in to Channel 3.   Sorry, Mika, it is a Nielsen fact!

Chris is a Connecticut native, raised in Marlborough where his parents still live (and watch Face the State) Truly a great guy, a family man whose life is much more than politics.  He loves to talk about his  field hockey coach  wife and his 9 month old son. 

On “FTS” this weekend we’ll get Chris’ take on the most vulnerable senator in the nation:  Chris Dodd.   He also talks about Joe Lieberman and the race for governor.   Chris is an amazing fountain of knowledge about campaigns and is so highly regarded, elected officials and candidates from all over the country call him!

Tune in this Sunday and let me know what you think. 

Also this Sunday, we talk to Rudy Marconi, the first selectman from Ridgefield who is thinking of running for governor.  More on that race in my blog next week.

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