Hartford’s Hotel Shortage and the Need for Workers to Return to the Office

Hartford is set to welcome dozens of new businesses in 2023, along with scores of new apartments, but there are still obstacles to the city’s economic recovery.   This Sunday on This Week in Connecticut on WTNH, we talked with the CEO of the Metro Hartford Alliance about the status of downtown development and says it is a mixed bag. 

There is a shortage of construction workers to get the new restaurants and stores built out.  Many have signs on the windows say “coming soon” but no work is being done inside. David Griggs also says Hartford has a hotel shortage that is hurting the convention industry and warns the city will lose out on events if new hotels downtown are built. 

Griggs also says remote workers hurt Hartford and he wants companies to bring them back so they can patronize the businesses and the fuel the economy.  

WATCH the interview here:

Also Sunday we were joined by Quinnipiac University President Judy Olian, who talks about the future of the university in the wake of the Bobcats winning the NCAA hockey championship.

WATCH that interview here:

We look at the mayor’s race in West Haven with Republican candidate Steven Mullins. Mullins told us why he thinks it is time for the current mayor Nancy Rossi to go, and we got his insight into the Covid money scandal that brought national attention to his community.

WATCH here:

Finally we chatted with author and columnist Chris Cillizza about his new book. Cillizza grew up in Marlborough and also talked about his Connecticut years. I first interviewed Chris back in 2009 and we’ve touched base over the years to discuss politics and his native state. Here’s a post I wrote about that 14 years ago:

WATCH the Cillizza interview here:

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