CT Won’t Return to “Retro” License Plates

License plate fanatics hoping for a return to the retro dark blue and white tags that adorned Connecticut registered cars for more than 40 years are in for a disappointment.    There are no plans to do what New York has done, and bring back a plate design that many considered “traditional.”

During an appearance on Face the State, DMV Commissioner Melody Currey told me the current design is due for a change (it was introduced in 2000)  but it won’t be a return to the old blue and white, and will maintain the current color scheme.

Currey did say because of the growing number of cars, the state is now figuring out a design that will contain seven or eight characters.    The maximum right now is six.

Currey admits license plates are funny things, that people really care about something, that seems so unimportant.  A decade ago, there was a man who looked into legal avenues to stop the state from changing the plate colors.  Each eyar, thousands of people pay extra money for vanity plates and low digit plates, and the controversy over getting a low digit status symbol has been thoroughly reported.    It’s not unusual to see people still driving with a new plate on the back of their car, and the traditional blue and white on the front.  By the way, that is illegal.  Those retro plates can put on a nail in the garage.

Currey also talked about the new driver’s license requirements to make it easier to get into federal buildings and the like.  You can watch the interview right here:


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  1. I myself love license plates. Always have! I have the same number plate (new color version) from I think my second car — 2 letters, 4 numbers. I would go with the old color also! But who listens to me.


  2. The only reason the state changed to the reflective license plates back in 2000 was, because it’s easier for police to use laser detection to catch speeders. It’s all about money for the state. The old dark blue plates were perfectly fine, and didn’t need to be changed.


  3. How in the hell did Currey become Commissioner of the DMV, this stupid democrat is as dumb as they come. Oh wait she is a dem thats how she got it


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  5. No need to worry about going from the current 6 digit plate version to 7 or 8 digits. With Connecticut’s rapid population decline, 6 digits will be more than sufficient.


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