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thomas-dodd 1967

This Sunday on Face the State we take a look at the late Senator Thomas Dodd, the father of our current senator.   Using some film clips from the Channel 3 archives, the viewers will be able to see and hear from a man whose name has come up frequently this year.

Why are we doing this?  In March I interviewed Senator Chris Dodd and asked him about whether he was thinks about his father more often as he faces the political fight of his career.  I didn’t explain his father’s situation and as a result some of our younger viewers later asked me “hey..who was Tom Dodd and what happened to him?”

Dick Ahles, a retired vice-president of news at Channel 3 will be our guest.  He covered Senator Dodd back in the day.  He also look at the parallels between Tom Dodd’s political troubles of 1970, and his son’s troubles 40 years later.

Also for some more information check out Genghis Conn’s report on ctlocalpolitics.net http://ctlocalpolitics.net/2009/03/23/2010-and-1970/

See you Sunday and let me know what you think.  DON”T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR NAME AND CITY OR TOWN AT THE END OF YOUR POST!

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  1. If I was Chris Dodd’s father I would be ashamed of Chris and how corrupt he has become.



  2. dodd the deadbeat is only looking out for one person !!
    A lot of people know that now !! himself !!!
    people like him & barney frank should give up before they dig themselves a deeper hole !!!


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