About Dennis House

Named one of the “12 Most Influential People” by Hartford Magazine, Eyewitness News anchor and Face the State moderator Dennis House has been a mainstay on Channel 3 since 1992.  A native New Englander and Emmy award-winning journalist, Dennis co-anchors Eyewitness News at 5PM and 6PM news and interviews politicians and newsmakers on Face the State, the critically acclaimed Sunday morning political show. Often times what an elected official or candidate says to Dennis on Face the State, is picked up by local and national media organizations including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Politico, MSNBC and others. He is also the author of the popular blog “the Hartfordite.”

Dennis also serves a moderator of the station’s political debates and is an Emmy award winner, who’s  been nominated for dozens of Emmys.    In 2017, he was inducted into the National Academy of Arts and Sciences Silver Circle.

Dennis has traveled extensively to cover breaking news events and find the Connecticut angle for the viewers at home. On September 11, 2001, he reported live from lower Manhattan talking with Connecticut survivors of the terrorist attack on New York. Eight and a half years earlier, he reported live from the World Trade Center after it was attacked the first time by terrorists using a truck bomb.


Among Dennis’ other live reports from the scene: the funeral of Pope John Paul II, the O.J. Simpson trial, a World Series, a presidential inauguration, conventions,  a Final Four, and coverage of storms and natural disasters.

Dennis previously anchored what was then Eyewitness News Daybreak in the mid 1990s, during which time the program became Connecticut’s No. 1 morning news broadcast, and one of his co-anchors was Mika Brzezinski.   He then moved up to anchor Eyewitness News at 5:30 with Gayle King.   For nearly twenty years he anchored Eyewitness News at 11, which became the most watched late newscast in Connecticut.


Dennis got his start in television news at WPRI-TV in Providence, R.I., and then moved on to become the assignment manager at WMUR-TV in Manchester, N.H. From there, he went to WREX-TV in Rockford, Ill., where he worked as a weekend anchor.   One of his exclusive interviews was with Ronald Reagan.   He was later a weekend sports anchor and news reporter at WWMT-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dennis was born and raised in Norwood, Mass.,and graduated from Xaverian Brothers High School. He holds a bachelor’s degree in foreign affairs from Assumption College. He is proud to live in Hartford with his wife, Eyewitness News anchor Kara Sundlun and their children. The two are very involved in the renaissance of your capital city. In his spare time Dennis enjoys coaching his son’s football and basketball teams, spending time with his family, playing golf, racquetball, painting, going to the beach and researching his Italian heritage. He also tackles home improvement projects and loves to tinker with his antique Buick.

He and Kara volunteer their time to help with charitable organizations and they are helping launch the Denise D’Ascenzo Foundation, named for his longtime co-anchor, TV wife, “sister” and best friend.

He has described his job as “absolutely awesome,” saying, “I love journalism and I love television. I feel very blessed to have a job that allows me to meet so many people, both here in Connecticut and beyond.”

In 2018 Dennis was inducted into the Silver Circle of the New England Chapter of Television Arts and Sciences for his years of service to the viewers of Connecticut.   You can watch that right here:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyKrcte6P7E

Contact Dennis: dennis.house@wfsb.com

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  4. Tonights Face the State Question.

    We need Governor Lamont to address the issue of forcing people back to work in phase 1 who are medically compromised.

    Can you please ask the Governor if he can put a mandate that severely compromised workers – such as severe asthmatics and diabetics regardless of their age and also if they live with people who are elderly and compromised do not have to return to work in Phase 1 and not get fired or lose their unemployment benefits.

    Thank you so much,


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