Remember Melrose Place?

This week 18 catalytic converters were stolen from school buses in Plainville. In recent weeks, Bristol, West Hartford, Milford and many other towns reported similar thefts. One person who tried to stop one of these criminals was shot at. What is going on?

Sunday morning at 10 on “This Week in Connecticut” on WTNH-TV we take a deep dive into the catalytic converter crisis with Chief Ed Stephens and an automotive expert.

Also we talk with Scott Livingston, whose Horst Engineering makes tiny parts that keep giant planes in the sky. and he tells us how Horst was founded by a Holocaust survivor.

Plus two of the hottest new places to live in Connecticut are in Hartford and New Haven and we will chat with the man building them, Randy Salvatore. Could these new complexes be the Melrose Place of the 2020s?

I’m joined by the Republican who says he can knock off a Democrat in Connecticut’s Trump country and I dig up a classic interview with Hartford Whalers legend Ron Francis.

I invite you to join me Sunday !

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  1. Quite some time ago you did a post about the Ranger Andy show which was a fond memory. My interest is whether you can track down any information on the artist that was a guest often and would draw a character called “mud poodle”!
    Would love to see that dog again


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