Just Call Me “Professor House”

I’m excited to announce I will be teaching! I’ve been named a visiting fellow by the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford where I will teach digital media.

Details from Ronni Newton:

Dennis House to Teach Digital Media at West Hartford’s University of Saint Joseph

another story by Susan Dunne

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  1. Congratulations Dennis on your new adventure. The students are going to learn from the best .


  2. OMGOSH this is very exciting, Professor House!👍 I can so see you teaching. God Bless you. I know your Students will all really like you. Enjoy Dennis.


  3. Congratulations and Best of Luck at St. Josephs they’re lucky to have someone like you on their staff.


  4. Congratulations Dennis. That is wonderful news! You will be an asset to the University of Saint Joseph staff and students.

    Karen and Robert Price

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Congratulations! It’s my alma mater! And a place of many family memories as my great Aunt, Sister Joseph Mark ( Aunt Alice to us) was a founder. She’d have us for sleepovers in the convent and take us to the biology lab to see the skeleton in the locker when we were kids! A wonderful place to study, live and work!


  6. Congrats Dennis at St Joseph school…They are so lucky to have you teaching there. That is a nice pic. of u in front of the scool…Miss seeing u on channel 3. Scot and Kara make me laugh every day on Better Ct….Good luck…The school deserve YOU! Sincerely, Kathi Glennon


  7. Congratulations Dennis
    You certainly deserve this opportunity !
    So happy things are turning around for you. You have so much to offer and I sincerely wish you well.
    Can they televise that for us, your old beloved viewers?…
    Miss you,


  8. Congratulations Dennis! I went to St. Joseph’s too after leaving Channel 3 as one of your former producers! That is where I learned the skills for my second career as an educator.
    Best of luck on YOUR second career 🙂


  9. A plethora of good wishes for you as media guru professor! What a lovely segue to new adventures for you! Happy holidays!


  10. Congrats, and I hope you have lots of fun at the school. I grew up right next to it, on Pine road, which I still think might be the shortest road in town (?)

    We used to do rocketry off of that big front lawn you’re pictured on. (Early 1980s)


  11. Dennis congratulations and good luck with this next chapter in your life. I miss seeing you everyday. You were always smiling.


  12. Congratulations on becoming a professor at my alma mater- masters in Special Education. Wishing you the best of luck and remembering how much you assisted me with Make-A-Wish. So many years ago. I know that you will be a great teacher! How can I reach out to you?


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