Leadership and a Championship Culture

Success in sports is more than a touchdown, a three-pointer or a goal. It’s about being a good teammate, coach and leader. Dan Horwitz of West Hartford, who coached college hoops at Trinity and Mount St. Mary, is out with a new book called “Help Them Up,” aimed at helping you create a championship culture on the court, field and office. Leadership lessons for basketball can also be applied to the business world.

I met Dan through my son. He’s a former teacher who is a great role model, mentor and coach to Julian. Dan is a constant spreader of positive vibes and I have seen the difference his attitude and outlook have had on Julian and the other players he has tutored, both children and adults. You also may remember Dan as a March Madness analyst in 2019 with his brothers Ben and David.

Fun factoid about the book: it was edited by my cousin Angela DeCaires of Booklogix.

You can get Dan’s book on Amazon:

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