Who Do You Want to be Connecticut’s Next Governor?

The conventions are a few weeks ago when delegates will voice their support and help set the primary ballot. Who do you like? Don’t forget to join us this morning at 11AM for Face the State on WFSB.   You can also write in a candidate.

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  1. The citizens of CT need Mike Handler to do for the State of CT as he did for the City of Stamford – fiscal reform, government accountability, growth, development & diverse prosperity!
    Through my work in State law enforcement, I have observed Mike Handler make a plan, implement with immediate action and get the task done. He is a Republican with the support and resources to accomplish the results we all need. However, I have also seen the human side of Mike and it is 100% genuine – a true servant of the Public.


  2. Please consider supporting Sean Connolly.
    He is the best choice for Connecticut’s next Governor.
    Thank you,


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