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20 Towns in 20 Days

Channel 3’s popular “20 Towns in 20 Days” returns this spring and this year our viewers are choosing which town we visit. Each day we put up a choice of two towns to vote on, and my assignment was either New Britain or West Hartford. The vote was a nail biter, and the winner is…West Hartford, by a 12 vote margin!

Where should I visit in West Hartford? Favorite restaurant? Place no one knows about?

My visit to West Hartford will be in May.

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  1. Suggestion for 20 towns in 20 days is CLINTON. Shoreline town that has a free concert series called George Flynn Classical Concerts that are a collection of eclectical concerts consisting of jazz, orchestral, chamber music. All inclusive of cost to attendees. Come visit see our website.


  2. How about Newington. Recently we had the beautiful lantern release at Mill Pond which was selected due to the area’s great location for such an event. Many good eateries as well and the Newingtin High School band is very good as well as the John Wallace Band. Stew Leonard’s is a great community supporter and does many events right at the store location. Many train at the ice rink located in Newington as well.


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