Face the State Special: March For Our Lives

Sunday on Face the State we aired a special Face the State dedicated to the March for our Lives in Washington, a demonstration of kids to urge lawmakers to pass stricter gun control. Channel 3’s Susan Raff was covering the Connecticut protestors who traveled to the nation’s capital, and I interviewed three local young leaders. Here is the link to our segment with Susan

Our guests are all student council presidents: Tori Chandler of Ellington High School, Neisha Rivera of Wilbur Cross High School in New Haven and Chase Jeter of Hall High School in West Hartford.  What are their fellow students telling them, and what do they want their leaders in Washington and Hartford to do?

Watch the student presidents right here:

Our flashback is a report from our archives by David Ushery filed in the spring of 1993 about the time the NRA came to Hartford to lobby against a gun control measure.   That move passed and some of those who voted for it received death threats.   It was a tense time with people across Connecticut fighting with each other over what to do.   Some were rushing out to buy weapons, others were worried about losing jobs and many were flummoxed by how Connecticut could sell such weapons.  

Watch that here:

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