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Duff: Republicans are Anti-Gay; Herbst: There Will be a Three-Way Primary

Sunday’s Face the State is sure to trigger reaction from both Democrats and Republicans as we discuss the governor’s race, the state economy and the battle over Governor Malloy’s nominee to be chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. I invited Justice Andrew McDonald to come on Face the State to discuss his nomination, but he declined. We are joined by the Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, a Democrat. We also reached out to Republicans to appear, but no one was available.

I asked Senator Duff why he thinks Republicans are opposing McDonald’s nomination.

DUFF: “I think many of them don’t like the fact that he is gay.”
HOUSE: “Do you think they are anti-gay?”
DUFF: “Yes”
HOUSE: “Who?”
DUFF: “I don’t want to say for sure.”

Duff went into a deeper explanation and I asked him if he believes his colleague Senator Gayle Slossberg, who recused herself from the McDonald vote due to a conflict of interest. In a sworn affidavit, Slossberg said McDonald yelled at her in a tirade.

HOUSE: “Do you believe her account ?”
DUFF: “I wasn’t there. “

You will see the rest of Duff’s right hereL http://www.wfsb.com/clip/14183537/lawmaker-weighs-in-on-several-topics-at-state-capitol
along with our discussion of the recommendations of a new economic commission, Duff’s suggestion that the state recruit Delta Airlines to move to Connecticut and much more.

Also on the program, Republican candidate for governor Tim Herbst, who also weighed in the McDonald nomination. Herbst recently called for fewer candidates in the race for governor, and predicted after the convention and some reflection there will be only three Republican candidates left for the primary, including himself. Mark Boughton will be the other, and the other Herbst wouldn’t name.

I also asked Herbst how the next governor will be able to avoid raising taxes, with a possible deficit of $4 billion dollars in 2019. Herbst told me he will have to go after the state workers union, calling the current SEBAC contract “unsustainable.” He also says some agencies will be targeted including the DMV. ” It’s outrageous that people have to take a vacation day to get a driver’s license.”

WATCH Herbst hereL http://www.wfsb.com/clip/14183552/candidate-weighs-in-on-race-for-governor

Could there be a three-way primary, or will there more candidates on the ballot? We have analysis of the governor’s race with Russell Blair of the Hartford Courant and author and columnist Susan Campbell right here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/14183597/author-journalist-weigh-in-on-governors-race

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