A Very Rewarding Job



I just finished up a fantastic season coaching my son’s flag football team.  We won some and lost some, but most importantly the kids had fun, and I did, too.


Teaching nine third and fourth graders can be like herding cats at times, but watching them develop as friends, teammates and players is rewarding.   Thanks to the fellow dads who volunteered as assistant coaches.


I also want to thank Travis Meyer, the CEO of Five-Star Quarterbacks.   Travis is a passing guru, who has coached quarterbacks from the youth to college to professional level.   Travis and I became friends a few years back when I profiled him for a story on how even the most avid football fans can’t throw a pass correctly but think they’re Tom Brady in the parking lot at The Rent!

Travis came to our practice the first weekend and worked with the four players who wanted to play quarterback. He worked his magic and taught them not only how to throw a football, but stressed the importance of being a leader. Our QBs all did very well this season, and my son threw a touchdown pass in the first game!

Here’s more on Travis:


I’m fortunate my schedule allows me to help out with my kids’ activities.  My son  has moved on to hockey, which I didn’t play as a kid, but thankfully he’s under the guidance of a volunteer dad who grew up on the ice.


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