Wet Paint 2017

IMG_4758We had a great time at a fun House family summer tradition where your artwork can end up in a museum, and you can walk away with a cool  masterpiece  to hang in your home.

Wet Paint is an event to benefit the Newport Art Museum.   It attracts hundreds of artists and even more patrons.  For the past four summers,  Kara, the kids and I have painted something to put up for auction.


This year Kara painted a “Preppy Eclipse” and my entrant is “Lobsters rollin’ in a 1960 Plymouth.”   Don’t laugh, we’re amateurs, but our stuff has sold in the past, all for a good cause.   Click the pictures to make them larger:

As it turns out, ‘Lobsters Roll’ sold as soon as the doors opened.  Well known Newport artist Riper Nesbitt, a Wet Paint organizer,  advised putting a ‘buy it now’ option on it, and it had a taker for $200!  All proceeds are donated to the museum.

Elizabeth Kahane is a photographer and art collector and even asked if I had any other pieces for sale ( I don’t.)  Maybe I should paint a few more!

More info here:


Check out our art from previous years at the links below.

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