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DeLauro: “I’ll Never Retire

IMG_4469.JPGCongresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-3) is the dean of the Connecticut congressional delegation and shows no signs of slowing down.   The New Haven Democrat is out with a book “The Least Among Us,” and came to WFSB to talk about it.

During a wide ranging interview that aired Sunday on Face the State, DeLauro talked about her accomplishments in Washington and her roots that propelled her there. ROSA1DeLauro chatted about a passage in the book, in which she wrote about her father, New Haven political legend Ted DeLauro, and how they never reconciled before his death.  She also wrote about a very disappointing meeting with President Obama.


I asked DeLauro about her future.  She’s running for a fifteenth term in 2018, and when I asked whether she thinks about retirement, I got a quick “no,” saying she will serve as long as the people of CT-3 will have her.   What about her older colleagues, like Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who have been singled out to step aside for new leadership?

“One of the people who captured the imagination and soul of the American people, Bernie Sanders, he is in 70s.  Young people all over the country were taken by his vision.”

Also on the program, I asked her what she would say to Hillary Clinton if she said “Rosa, should I run again in 2020?”

DeLauro also was enthusiastic when I asked her opinion on whether Senator Chris Murphy should run for president.

“He’s confident, capable and he can do the job, and I would be supportive of him.”

Watch our DeLauro interview here:

part 1:  http://www.wfsb.com/clip/13554690/congresswoman-delauro-speaks-out-in-new-book

part 2:  http://www.wfsb.com/clip/13554699/congresswoman-delauro-weighs-in-on-politics

Our flashback took us back 25 years this week, back when polka dots and stripes were in vogue, when Duby McDowell reported on then President George Bush running for reelection.


Watch that segment here:   http://www.wfsb.com/clip/13554710/president-george-hw-bush-opened-campaign-center-in-ct


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  1. DeLaura is an example of everything that is wrong in DC – career politician – they all are.

    Must have Term limits for these people – whether Dems or Reps


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