A New Era at UConn, Take 2

IMG_4559UConn, especially athletics, is a huge economic engine in our state, and is a big part of the state budget.  This morning  on Face the State at 11 on WFSB, we are joined by athletic director David Benedict.

benedict (1).png

Benedict will talk about the return of UConn of head coach Randy Edsall and the hope that his hiring will spur ticket sales and a few more wins.


We will also talk about UConn in the age of  budget cuts and a whole new way to tailgate at Rentschler that’s pretty easy.

Also on the program economist David Cadden of Quinnipiac University on the lack of a state budget,  and a vintage flashback from 25 years ago this week featuring Mika Brzezinski.


Speaking of tailgating, check out this cornhole set Kara and I got featuring our alma maters and this game totally fits in the back of the Roadmaster for trips to the Rent!  See you at 11 and at a UConn game.


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