Face the State

Guns and a Young Gun


Self described as a “little groggy” after this week’s sit-in in the House of Representatives, Congressman John Larson came in for a Face the State interview to talk about his experience this week, and the gun control debate.   What’s next, and was anything really accomplished?

In the wake of the shooting at the Orlando nightclub, I also asked him what should be done regarding countries with anti-gay policies.  Also, it’s been almost 25 years since our state implemented an income tax, something Larson as a state senator fought to the end.   His thoughts now?  It was a mistake for the state to pass the income tax.


Also on the program Sunday is Middletown Mayor Dan Drew.   At 36, he is thinking about a run for governor in 2018.  We’ll talk in depth about that, and about the project many drivers are happy about, eliminating the traffic lights on Route 9.

Our flashback takes us back to 1976, when hundreds waited in line in Hartford to see Muhammad Ali, on a giant tv screen. We have some old film and interviews from our archives from that bicentennial year.  The fashions alone are worth checking out.  How about that Dyn-o-mite hat?  Remember those?    Tune in Sunday morning at 11.



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  1. Very interested to see this. As an independent that leans conservative, I think it is important to defend the 2nd amendment. However, as mass shootings become more and more prevalent, I just don’t see the need for such powerful, semi automatic weapons in the hands of civilians.

    As an aside, I was initially very much with the democrats in congress who took over the house floor in order to raise more awareness. As soon as I heard that they were sending out emails appealing for monetary donations for reelection, while holding up pictures of the dead, I was appalled.

    I’ll always be on the side of making our country a safer place to live, but when either party turns it into a political fundraiser, I can’t support that.


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