Holy Summer Vacation! The Batmobile is in Town


We lucked out on vacation last week as one of the most iconic cars in history just happened to be on display in Newport, Rhode Island: the Batmobile.

You know, the modified Lincoln Futura from the 1960s TV show that is still replicated in toys more than forty years after it first hit the scene?   Truth be told, my kids started to lose interest in Batman last fall, but when they saw the black and orange finned crime fighting vehicle, they were singing dada dada dada dada Batman all over again. Kara and I were too.


The Batmobile can be seen at the Audrain Automobile Museum along with several other phenomenal examples of some very cool wheels, like this rare Tucker. Only 51 were ever made.


This 1959 Fiat Jolly is the ultimate beach car, and has wicker seats that pop out to be used as sand chairs.


More info:

Here are some other beauties for you:




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  1. I have a 1966 Pontiac Tempest convertible
    Yellow with a black top
    My husband and I bought it new and have only about 70,000 mi. on it…
    I’ll send a pic when I get a chance😄😄


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