Peyton & Cam Beat Tom & Eli in Super Bowl Ratings


Connecticut is hardly Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers country but people here tuned in record numbers to Super Bowl 50.   According to Nielsen ratings, the game was the most watched Super Bowl in the Hartford/New Haven market ever.

Super Bowl 50 drew a 52.7 rating 70 share which is more than half a million households.   The Hartford/New Haven market consists of the entire state of Connecticut with the exception of Fairfield County, which is assigned to the New York market.

The ratings for the Denver Carolina championship in Connecticut were higher than the Patriots and Giants Super Bowls featuring Tom Brady and Eli Manning.   Don’t bother trying to figure out why, the real mystery from the Nielsens is who were the 7 thousand households watching a repeat of Elementary on another channel while the Super Bowl was on.


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  1. We thought that the Panthers were VERY NASTY! So were glad that we had chosen the Broncos to win!!! However, we still say “GO PATRIOTS”!


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