The Cruise Ship Mystery of 2005


It is an unsolved mystery that is still talked about more than a decade later: the disappearance of George Smith.

Smith, of Greenwich, and his new bride, Jennifer Hagel of Cromwell, were honeymooning on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean when he vanished.  Did he fall from balcony in his quarters, or was he pushed?  Was he murdered and tossed overboard?   We don’t know.

Ten years ago this month, the story was in the headlines again because Connecticut’s famous forensic scientist was brought in to help solve the mystery.   Doctor Henry Lee was dispatched the ship docked in Miami, and Channel 3 sent Kara Sundlun to cover the new developments.


You can see one of Kara’s reports from January 2006 in our Face the State flashback, right here:

Learn more about the case here:  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/fbi-closes-probe-into-vanished-cruise-ship-honeymooner/


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