Guns in Connecticut


It’s been the topic of the week: President Obama’s announcement that he plans to  take executive action as part of his strategy to reduce gun violence.  The president fought back tears as he stood alongside some Newtown families.

Will it work?  This Sunday on Face the State, we asked a local police chief, Paul Fitzgerald of Berlin.   Fitzpatrick doesn’t think the president’s actions will have much impact in Connecticut because of the laws our state already have on the books.


There has been an increased number of people in Connecticut trying to buy guns, and this week we reported some local pistol shooting classes were filling up.   So what’s happening in our state?

The chief told me “a gun is good for self defense within your home,”  but he added having guns can be dangerous on the street.   “Having a gun in your home is a good idea…..but you have to make sure it is safe.”  

Watch Chief Fitzgerald’s take on this right here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/12123950/ct-police-chief-discusses-obamas-gun-control-announcement

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