I Saw the Tooth Fairy


It was a momentous occasion in our house this past weekend.  The tooth fairy came to visit our son for the first time, the night after he lost his first tooth… school.


Our cat Angelo was sleeping in the bunk bed and apparently got a good look at the dental fairy, a scene captured thanks to an app Kara found called “I saw the tooth fairy.”

First tooth got a ten dollar bill and a copy of “Walter the Farting Dog,” a favorite read of Denise D’Ascenzo.    As my daughter can attest to, the income made on future teeth declines!


Here’s a story about another momentous family event…ouch!


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  1. Oh, my! Glad that we aren’t having to think about kids/grandkids losing teeth anymore…….It seems that $.10 was the prize for any teeth falling out back in the 1950’s!!! Sigh!


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