Rowland Prosecutor Enjoying New Career


Chris Mattei was in high school when John Rowland was first elected governor of Connecticut.  20 years later, Mattei was facing this once powerful politician in federal court, with Rowland as defendant, and Mattei as prosecutor.

This Sunday on Face the State we are joined by Mattei, who left his job as assistant U.S. Attorney and is now in private practice with Koskoff, Koskoff and Bieder in Bridgeport.


What was it like to prosecute Rowland?  What would you have asked him if the former governor had taken the stand?  Mattei answered these questions and more and responded to the views of some people that corruption isn’t that big of a deal.   Also, what’s next for the lawyer who won such a high profile case?

Also Sunday we will talk about the special legislative session, and the new problems lawmakers will face in 2016.

klarides .jpg

Our guests are House Minority Leader Themis Klarides, and Senate President Martin Looney.  The two will talk about needs to be done, and weigh in General Electric and the company’s big December decision.

Our Face the State flashback takes us back almost 20 years when there was a statewide effort to save the Hartford Whalers.  Schoolchildren were doing their part while the adults were taking part in a massive season ticket drive.


This Sunday, you’ll see a report from our archives from May of 1996, that I filed hours before  Peter Karmanos arrived in Hartford to make an announcement.   In that report there are comments from fans and from then Lt. Governor Jodi Rell.

Tune in this Sunday at 11 AM on WFSB for Face the State.

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  1. Dennis , why would you NOT tell the truth about why the Whalers left Hartford ? What they wanted was not more season tickets,but the same deal with the state that EVERY other NHL team has,which was a portion of the parking revenue and a portion of the concession money. Be truthful when you do stories about the Whale ! The entire Civic Center business was lost because Rowland thought he was bigger than the Whale. Look at all the businesses that closed,food,clothing and other stores,closed because of Rowland’s ignorance. Downtown was alive because of the Whale and the city has never recovered,instead they throw money at a new civic center and even the science center,neither of which bring the crowds or the dollars the Whale did. It was an event,we went early to eat,shop,watch a game and spent money.All gone because of dishonest government and you fill the show with lies. I’m very disappointed.


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